The origin of Vytautas Magnus University is the private school - Courses of Higher Education established by the Association of Courses of Higher Education in January 27, 1920. The school's activity continued until February 16, 1922, when University of Lithuania was established.

In 1930, University of Lithuania was granted the title of Vytautas Magnus University and, with increasing state's attention to science and education, the most ambitious academic objectives have become of high level.

The Society of Humanities and Literature (1927-1950) active in University of Lithuania supported not only scientific researches, but also publishing of books. Creative publishing activity which originated in University of Lithuania continued in Vytautas Magnus University. Although university had not its own publishing house, the university professors and young scientists edited and published scientific, social, cultural issues - from newspapers and magazines to fundamental works, "not for physical, but purely for ideological reasons", according to VMU Honorary Doctor Professor. V. Biržiška.

With the Soviet occupation and terror, in October 31, 1950, the university was closed.

Vytautas Magnus University was re-established in April 28, 1989, with the Vytautas Magnus University Restoration Act. Vytautas Magnus University set ambitious goals from the very first active days - to represent the spirit of science in society, promote scientific activity, and purposefully modernize society and the state.

In June 12, 1993,  the publishing group for editing and printing non-periodical publications was registered in Vytautas Magnus University. This date can be considered the beginning of the publishing in VMU. The initiative to set up a publishing house belongs to the Head of Lithuanian Literature Department Prof. Leonas Gudaitis in 1996. The publishing house was founded in 1997. Since then until 2014 its chief editor was Robertas Keturakis. Since 1999 until 2014 the Head of the publishing house was Jonas Jaučkojis.

Having started as a publishing group, Publishing house has grown into a creative and active department of VMU. In 2005, VMU has become a member of Academic publishing houses of Lithuania's universities, colleges and research institutes and academic publishing association (LALA). The interests of the Association is the development of high-level publishing and raising the vocational qualification. The goals of VMU publishing house were the same.

In 2014, VMU publisher was reorganized and became the Publishing Department of the Library in VMU. In 2016, the Publishing Department was reorganized and was joined as Publishing Group to the Publishing and Scientific Comunication Department.

Academic community has appreciated the belief of one of the first rectors S. Šalkauskis: University reveals in human soul the sensation of universal perspectives, the spirit of objective truth and high-minded justice. This vitality of the spirit of truth is creativelly maintained and supplemented by each generation in the foundamentals of aspirations and works of Vytautas Magnus University and thus in the objectives of daily activity of the Publishing Department of the Library as well.