When writing an academic work, it is very important to refer to texts of other authors properly: to clearly distinguish between the author’s reasoning and thoughts, to quote properly and to refer to sources in order to leave no doubts about the authorship of different parts of the text. When using other author’s work and visual material (photographs, drawings, graphs, tables), it is important to indicate their authorship and the source upon the permission of the author or the publisher to publish them or otherwise use for his/her own purposes.

Copyright (for more on copyright and related rights see here).

Citation (see here).

The use of visual work (see Creative Commons, CC, on the licensing of “Creative Communities” see here).

LATGA-A (see here).

Academic ethics

Principles of academic integrity are presented in the Law on Science and Studies of the Republic of Lithuania and the Code of Ethics for a Lithuanian Researcher.




The page representing the University offers a style book of VMU that provides information on the University style and its formatting rules and describes principles of the use of the corporate style. The corporate style establishes the identity of the University, makes it more recognizable and creates emotional links.

This page also provides information on the logotype and colours of VMU, colours of academic departments, etc.



How to format bibliographic references of a manuscript?

The preparation of bibliographic references, their relation with the text and list of references is an integral part of a research work. A bibliographic reference is bibliographic data of a document quoted or otherwise mentioned in a research paper, according to which that document can be identified and found. A bibliographic reference system chosen thoughtfully and unambiguously facilitates the reading of a document, provides information on the contribution of the author’s work, its relation to other works on the subject and reveals the author’s bibliographic culture. More information on the presentation of bibliography can be found here. 

More about bibliographic references and reference lists.