Authors are requested always to separate their own and other authors’ reasoning and thoughts, refer to sources properly – not to leave any doubt about the authorship of certain parts of the text. Similarly the authorship and sources of all the illustrations (photographs, schemes, diagrams, tables) has to be indicated after getting their authors' permission to publish them.

Information about authorship, authors and contributors can be found here.

Information about copyright and neighbouring (or related) rights can be found here.


You may use the sample of VMU logotype, templates of documents and visiting-cards.

The page representing the style of VMU offers the variants of VMU logotype, slide templates, the colours of academic departments’ styles, the galery of souvenirs, also standard parameters of visiting-cards (VMU style book, p. 20, pdf).


How to format the bibliography of a manuscript?

Preparation of bibliographical references, their relationship with the text and reference list is an integral part of the research work. Bibliographic reference - bibliographic data of document cited or otherwise referred to in research work, according to which the document can be identified and found. More about bibliographic references and reference lists.