The activity of Publishing Group is as follows:

  • Coordination of VMU publishing needs and tasks;
  • Popularization of VMU publications in expositions and other events;
  • Preparation and production (in various mode output) of scientific articles and their selections, monographs and studies, handbooks, study books, doctoral dissertations as well as e-publications for students, researchers and pedagogic personnel, further contribution to the spread of scientific results;
  • Advising VMU lecturers, students and various authors on publishing in University, conditions of publishing, and funding;
  • Managing of the registers of ISSN, ISBN, DCC, DOI and other necessary registers of works given to publish;
  • Sending VMU electronic publications to international databases (CEEOLEBSCO, etc.) (some e-journals are being loaded by the editorial boards);
  • Accumulation of VMU scientific, educational publications and periodicals in Vytautas Magnus University e-Publication Repository (VMU ePub) and Lithuanian Academic Electronic Library (eLABa);
  • Expeditious publishing and printing, copying and binding services;
  • Preparation and publishing of summaries of doctoral theses, conference certificates, visiting-cards, promotional (posters, brochures, invitations, flyers) and another pressing information material;
  • Prompt, friendly and professional service for authors and publishing services customers, extensive application of information technology and an implementation of new, improved publishing technologies;
  • Rational use of publishing tools and equipment, accounting of publications.